Chapter XVII

From Death bed to Pulpit Over Night

The next morning I walked to church and spoke to the audience that was gathered there...the church of which my husband was the pastor.

I was so very thin, that after I was dressed for church someone at home laughingly remarked: “Your clothes look like a sack on a bean pole.” Someone else said I looked like a ghost, and that all I needed was the grave-clothes to make another Lazarus scene. Nothing made any difference; looks did not bother me. I was absorbed with but one thought and that was that Christ was real and had manifested Himself unto me; His Word was real and that had been definitely proven to me; prayer was real and it had changed all of my life for me. Henceforth, with all of this, the resources of heaven were at my disposal, if I would like the life that would please Him. Life seemed to open before me with limitless possibilities; never had it seemed so wonderful so blessed, so filled with new hopes, new desires, and the consciousness of His abiding presence with me. Life was completely, absolutely changed. If any one had said to me: “You have received a great blessing?” I would have answered: “I have received Him.” If they had said: “You have received a great blessing?” I would have answered: “No, I have found the Blesser.” If they had said: “You have received Salvation,” I would have replied: “No, I have received the Savior.” It was all Christ, a precious friend, comforter, companion, that had come into my life. The blessing I had received in my soul was far greater than that which had come to my body. “As many as touched Him were made perfectly whole,” and I knew now exactly what that Scripture meant, for I had touched Him. This was not mental therapeutics, no clever psychology, no system of healing. This was simply a childlike faith reaching out and touching “the hem of His garment.”

NOTE: Mr. Berg makes the following statement:

“Within three weeks after the closing day that Mrs. Berg mentions in the last chapter of this book she was doing all of her own housework, making sick calls, and ministering continually to others. In about two months she was out in definite Christian service.

I can truly say that since that time, which has been many years ago, she has done the work of two people and today is far more active and bearing far more responsibility than the average person.”

H.E. Berg